Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is it a sad realization?

This evening a friend and I were speaking of our current passions, goals, dreams, ya know the normal in depth chat you tend to get into with your closest companions. She confessed to me that her new awakened dream is to eventually get married and have kids. Be a wife and a mom #1 dream. I cringed. I made it clear that I didn't approve. I didn't mean to it just happened. See I'm the type of gal that can't hide anything expression wise so I figured I would be honest. I don't know when the personality shift happened, but I can say it was sometime after December 2010. I once had money held over my head, I vowed I would never let that happen again. Call it a little bitter, senile; whatever IT IS WHAT IT IS. I want to be the main bread winner. I want to make enough for me then some extra! I'm not saying I don't want my "hypothetical future husband" to work. Of course he would contribute to the family's being as well...but I want to make more than him ;P. I want nothing more than to climb the corporate ladder somewhere and make a name for myself. MEG D. I want to be the best. Anyways I guess this realization is a bit bitter-sweet for me. My room mate from Germany always wanted to climb the corporate ladder and was super career oriented. She is now pregnant with her first child and is actually excited (she didn't want a child this soon originally) I used to tell her how envious I was of her balls to the walls, go get em, make that money attitude. Somehow the wires have got crossed and she has adopted my dream of being a mother. I have adopted her dream of a career, not quite a family. Sad realization? It just might be. It is just a season though. With any season it is sure to change with time.

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